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Past News & Events > 6th May 2014 - Chris Leaves (Family Rights Group Consultant)

Chris is an experienced family and friend's carer, who set up her own support group in Peterborough 20 years ago, after finding herself looking after her grandchildren. She has been helping other carers all over the country to get their own support groups going and she is full of helpful advice.

It was lovely to meet Chris and her husband Colin, again.  With Chris's support, we setup the MK Group seven years ago.  Chris was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2013.  The award was presented in recognition of her lifelong service to ensuring that children can receive the best care possible, even if they cannot live with the parents.  

Chris has worked with Family Rights Group since 2005 as a consultant.  The organisation works to bring family and friends carers together around the country, so that they can meet in their own local support groups.

We spent the morning chatting, having coffee, tea and biscuits and answering questions such as:

There were also some questions about units of alcohol which included: