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Past News & Events > Grandparents (Kinship) Support Group: Report for the Second Half of 2015

31st July 2015 - Leighton Buzzard Water Park

Members met at the Leighton Buzzard Water Park and enjoyed a  picnic.  New members made friends and discovered that it was really good for the children to know that there were other Kinship / Grandchildren being raised by other family members.  Well done to everyone that attended and many thanks to the older children who organised a game of rounders, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

A great game of rounders

A great game of rounders

8th September 2015 - Group Meeting

We returned to group.  The group remains a core few, with others popping in now and again, which we welcome.  We have learnt many things from one another during the first term of group.  Members bring new experiences and knowledge.  We are thankful for those who attend the Foster Group run by Milton Keynes Social Services, which helps to keep us in touch with the training that we can access, and also activities that we are also invited to attend.

12th September 2015 - Celebration Day organised by Grandparents Plus

Celebration Day organised by Grandparents Plus.  It was really encouraging to see so many members from the group support the event this year.  Although the sun was not shining to begin with, it wasn't long before it was out, as usual, which helped to cheer everyone.  As you can see from the photo, it was very well attended.  Well done Grandparents Plus!

Celebration Day organised by Grandparents Plus

6th October 2015 - Contact Meeting

Annie Simpson and Lorraine, a manager of a SureStart Centre in Milton Keynes, attended a morning centred around 'Contact' and issues that members have.  Lorraine had some really good ideas and suggestions for us.  Annie is the Deputy Team Manager, Fostering, and has been to our meetings a number of times.  It was disappointing that the Finance person was not able to attend as well, but Annie thinks she can arrange this for another time, and combine it with the new Social Worker Brumni who is now in charge of those with SGOs (Special Guardianship Orders).  

20th October 2015 - Al-anon - Family Groups / Alateen

We welcomed Helen and Candace from the Milton Keynes Al-Anon Family and Friends Group.  They told us how the group helps the families and friends of alcoholics and of how it has supported members, whether the drinker continues to drink or not. They were also able to advise on the leaflets that are available on their website and were able to disclose that they see many grandparents, who have had to become the primary carers for their grandchildren because of a problem drinker parent(s). Although sad to hear, it was encouraging that Grandparents are finding support in other areas, other than our own group.  Helen also said how they have regular get-togethers with other Al-anon groups, to encourage and share experiences.  Great Idea!  We love our get-togethers with Peterborough!

For more information on Al-Anon, please click here.

4th November 2015 - Visit to Peterborough Group - Second Generation

Saw us a couple of us invited to join Peterborough Group 'Second Generation' as it celebrated its 21st Birthday, and also, the retirement of Chris and Colin Leaves.  Chris and Colin, now both in their 70's, have sadly decided to retire, after doing an inspiring job of running their group and belonging to FRG (Family Rights Group).  They have found members to take over the group and so the lunch was also to see the re-launch of their group, now to be known as Kinship.

4th December 2015 - Grandparents Plus Networking Event

A couple of us attend the Networking Event in Birmingham, organised by Grandparents Plus.  Around 30 of us met at The Signing Tree Conference Centre in Birmingham.  It was an extremely interesting topic.  The day consisted of two workshops on ‘Understanding Trauma and Attachment in Kinship Children' and ‘Anger Management in Kinship Children'.  Now we see that pieces of a jig saw can fit together.  It was agreed that behaviour patterns in some of our children could now be understood, and we felt better equipped for the task that we do after attending this conference.  While at the event, we learnt of another new group and website.  

Click here to visit Kinship Carers UK.  

Celebration Day organised by Grandparents Plus