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Past News & Events > Grandparents Lobbying Westminster - 28th October 2009

We know that financial help for ’Grandparent Carers’ is a 'postcode lottery' and this is unfair. Every carer should receive a regular weekly payment, such as that received by Foster Carers..

We have had enough of quietly getting on with the job and letting the government 'off the hook' and so we decided to  act.

Grandparents Lobbying Westminster - 28th October 2009

We took part in a Lobbying day in Westminster on 28th October, during half term week. There were over 200 of us. We had been silent for far too long.  We made representations to the Members of Parliament.  Many children also joined us - they were great.  It may be the only chance they get of getting into Westminster!

Many thanks for your support on this day.  The great turn out reflected the work done by all of the wonderful people who do an incredible job of keeping children within their families and out of the care system.