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Past News & Events > Fun in the Park - 27th July 2010

We decided to get together with other groups and Kinship Carers from all over the country in Peterborough's Central Park.  

We were expecting 200 of us (there were 19 from the Milton Keynes group) but unfortunately although we 'booked' the weather, we were not so fortunate this year.  It rained (a lot).  

However, this did not dampen our spirits or the Grandchildren's', who loved it and were not in the least bit bothered by the rain.  They decided to get even wetter by going in the 'paddling pool' ....fully clothed of course!....great fun! 

Our sincere thanks to Chris and Colin Leaves along with Family Rights Group who organised the event and who even managed to organise another venue for us when it was obvious that the rain was in for the day.  We went to 'Activity Land.'

A great day was had by all especially the children!

Fun in the Park - 27th July 2010